Ambassador poker tour 2013

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Ambassador poker tour 2013


A slight change will be made from January (new APT season). The guarantee of monthly APT tournaments remains at least CZK 100,000, but the buy-in will be reduced from the original CZK 2,700 +300 fee (CZK 3,000) to CZK 2,250+250 fee (CZK 2,500). In each tournament all the players will have the possibility of one re-entry until the end of the 3rd level for CZK 2,250.

Classification by points will be also simplified: Every player will get automatically 5 points for participation and 10 points for re-entry. The first eliminated player will get 6 points, the second 7... The winner without re-entry will therefore score 5 points + and 1 extra point for each participant in the tournament. Only participants in the final table get bonus points: 1st place - 100 points, 2nd place - 80 points, 3rd place - 70 points, 4th place - 60 points, 5th place - 50 points, 6th place - 40 points. 7th place - 30 points, 8th place - 20 points, 9th place - 10 points.

If Leoš Jakabovič doesn’t grasp this, here’s a textbook example for him: 40 players take part in APT. The winner gets 5 points for participation, 40 points for players, 100 points for winning, which makes it a total of 145 points. If he used re-entry he would get another 10 points.

Newsflash: Tony Felfel must not drink more than 2 bucketfuls of Mojito during the tournament otherwise his points won’t count!


Ambassador Poker Tour 2013

Current Theme:


12.6.2013 from 19:00

Buy-in CZK 5,600 + 400

Guaranteed CZK 300,000

with any number of players



Everyone can take part in this tournament free of charge. All you need is to play Cash Game in Ambassador. Everyone who scores at least 100 points before 12.6., when the tournament will take place, will receive a ticket for the tournament. How do you score points? For every hour played on 10-20 you will get 1 point, for 25-50 1.5 points.


Scoring points

Ambassador Poker Tour 2013

Three players with the highest number of points will receive tickets for the final Ambassador Poker Tour 2013 worth CZK 9,300 + 700




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